The Worth of It

By Hannah Veldkamp - HCC Communications Coordinator One definition of worth is “important enough to justify.” This definition manifests itself into our daily lives where we constantly weigh the worth of our decisions on a scale. Is this burger worth my money? Is this class worth my time? Will it be worth it to switch... Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know about the China Trip

By Hannah Veldkamp - HCC Communications Coordinator OASIS Program Coordinator Josh Driver and HCC Executive Director Tim Grunditz are traveling throughout China March 6-23. I sat down to interview both of them separately about their anticipation, thoughts, and excitement about the upcoming trip. The following are their direct answers: What are you most excited about?... Continue Reading →

Taking a Leap: The Inauguration of HCC

By Daniel Morgenstern - HCC Intern On November 1990, four people took a leap of faith. These motivated individuals decided that despite a lack of venue, funding, or consistent volunteers, they would begin a movement to serve the Chinese students arriving in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. They sent out invitations to every friend or acquaintance... Continue Reading →

Where in the World is HCC Going?

By Tim Grunditz - HCC Executive Director In 1992, the Hospitality Center for Chinese was officially formed and recognized as a 501-c3. Our origins were primarily thanks to a few families who had an enormous passion for China. Several families had lived in China, done missions to China, or adopted from China and wanted to... Continue Reading →

How to Connect with a Chinese Mom

By Jennifer Gerth - HCC Board Member I’ve been a mom for six years, and I consider myself a relatively friendly and non-intimidating person, so one would think I could easily connect with a mom from China.  Even more to my advantage, my own mom was born in Taiwan. However, connection is not always easy.... Continue Reading →

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