A Wondering Heart at Bethel

 “I came to Minnesota with a wondering heart at an age when I felt purposeless.” After finishing undergraduate studies in Chongqing University, China, Helen worked at a place that she did not enjoy very much. By chance, she met Dr. Dunkin, the MBA program director of Bethel University who went to China for recruiting program... Continue Reading →

Shanghai Impact

By Hannah Varberg - HCC Communications Coordinator A touch in America can result in ripples of effect in China. God’s touch transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. Colleen and Daisy’s stories are optimal examples of this. Their stories are authored by God so clearly and so intricately that, honestly, they could be broken into multiple blog... Continue Reading →

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder: Starbucks

By Daniel Morgenstern: HCC Intern Over 80% of Chinese students and visiting scholars will never see the inside of an American home. These individuals lack local knowledge, support systems, and most importantly, meaningful friendships with Americans. The Hospitality Center for Chinese (HCC) was founded to counteract these realities. There are over 3000 Chinese at the... Continue Reading →

Differing Grandparent Styles

By Rhonda Dippon - HCC Volunteer The six of us were lounging on a small hillside waiting for darkness. My husband and I had invited our Chinese family to our house for a Fourth of July picnic, and now we were at a local park awaiting the fireworks. We’d hosted all four Chinese through Hospitality... Continue Reading →

Our Labors Are Not in Vain

By Josh Driver - OASIS Program Coordinator I’ve been coordinating events with HCC and now OASIS for nearly four years. Thousands of students have come through activities, many of which I planned. But I don’t know what impact, if any, my work has had in most of their lives. God tells us to fix our... Continue Reading →

The Worth of It

By Hannah Veldkamp - HCC Communications Coordinator One definition of worth is “important enough to justify.” This definition manifests itself into our daily lives where we constantly weigh the worth of our decisions on a scale. Is this burger worth my money? Is this class worth my time? Will it be worth it to switch... Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know about the China Trip

By Hannah Veldkamp - HCC Communications Coordinator OASIS Program Coordinator Josh Driver and HCC Executive Director Tim Grunditz are traveling throughout China March 6-23. I sat down to interview both of them separately about their anticipation, thoughts, and excitement about the upcoming trip. The following are their direct answers: What are you most excited about?... Continue Reading →

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