The Worth of It

By Hannah Veldkamp – HCC Communications Coordinator

One definition of worth is “important enough to justify.”

This definition manifests itself into our daily lives where we constantly weigh the worth of our decisions on a scale. Is this burger worth my money? Is this class worth my time? Will it be worth it to switch jobs?

Christians are called to administer worth to souls. Every soul has value and worth in the eyes of God. We are called to minister to those souls and proclaim that they are important enough to justify our time.

But where do we begin with this hearty task? Whom do we focus on?

For impact to reverberate into more impact, it needs to gain momentum. We want to create ripples. We want the domino effect to occur. The most logical way this can happen is to minister to those that we know will impact and minster to others. We witness to those that have influence and have power.

China has 1.4 billion souls. They are the global leaders. They take the stage of influence.

Are they worth our time? Are they worth our investment? Are they worth our hearts?

Clearly, HCC says yes. But we need a strong family behind that “yes” to make it resound in China and even in other nations across the globe.

When weighing the worth, we need to be realistic. There needs to be practicality behind the vision, and that’s where HCC’s funnel of R’s comes into play as the strategic grounds to accomplish our mission.

Funnel of R’s

Resources, relationship, revitalization, and re-entry are the 4 R’s. Each stage progresses naturally to the next.

Resources are all about sharing simple hospitality to Minnesota’s Chinese visitors. Relationships bridge the gap between cultures. Relationships are a public declaration that Chinese international students, scholars, and their families are deserving of companionship, love, and intrinsic value in our country.

Revitalization is the awakening of their souls to the family of God. When international Chinese students accept Christ, their worth in the kingdom of God is realized.

But often, without proper discipleship and exhortation following them to China, their faith withers.

Re-entry is HCC’s final plea that these students’ lives are worth our time even when they situated in their home country. China is exactly where they can ripple and reverberate. Churches can be mobilized, more lives can be impacted, and China can be won for the gospel of Jesus Christ! If China is a light for the gospel, imagine where that light will shine: North Korea, the Middle East, India, Russia, etc.

Public Declaration of Worth

But this effort needs to be declared worth it in order for it to be successful.

HCC has lots of work to do, and we need individuals on board with us, proclaiming the 1.4 billion Chinese are important enough to justify.

The Chinese will take your time. It’s a big investment. It requires your heart.

But China is so worth it.

See for yourself! Our Friendraiser is April 14 at 6 PM. Josh and Tim will share their experiences about their China trip, Dr. David will speak on how he has given up his life for returnee ministry in China and America, and you can meet our dear students: some already believers, some not.

Click here for more information:

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