What You Need to Know about the China Trip

By Hannah Veldkamp – HCC Communications Coordinator

OASIS Program Coordinator Josh Driver and HCC Executive Director Tim Grunditz are traveling throughout China March 6-23. I sat down to interview both of them separately about their anticipation, thoughts, and excitement about the upcoming trip. The following are their direct answers:

  1. What are you most excited about?

Josh: I think I’m most excited about seeing people that I’ve gotten to know at HCC. We’re spending more time there than we were last year, so we have a greater chance to hang out, encourage them, serve, and bless them. Interacting with the people is my favorite part.

Tim: I’m most excited to see the students in their next stage of life. They start a new chapter of their life when they go home. For the believers that we see, seeing how they mature spiritually and start reaching China with their newfound faith is really exciting.

  1. What is the biggest prayer request?

J: Tim and I both desire more conversations about Christ this time. We’d like openings for that to happen. We’d like more Christian Chinese set up in the cities, like city champions or city connectors.  

T: For Josh not to kill me. I’m not the easiest person to travel with, and it’s stressful going city to city. We don’t even count how many train rides, buses, and flights there are. The second prayer request would be for spiritual connection with the students.

  1. What is the goal of the trip?

J: Set up the city connectors, 1 or 2 for each city. We want [the Chinese who became Christians in American and returned] to get connected with a church or fellowship in China. To encourage brothers and sisters who are there. To connects believers and unbelievers in a city.

T: We commission re-entry, and we need to see it flourish. Our purpose is to develop a system of connecting seekers and believers to the Church in China. We have a very unique role in seeing that happen, and we’re trying to fulfill that role.

  1. What is the hope for future China trips?

J: The hope is that a re-entry person will be hired, and this person will do intentional, intimate work with Chinese believers here and go back to China and assist them in their conversion-to-discipleship process. That person will probably take over and go to China. We do want to set up English and cultural camps and assist the Chinese in doing volunteer work in China also.

T: The hope is that we will eventually have a full-time staff doing it. I love going to China, but the hope is that a good system is developed for the right person to connect, engage, and exhort believers and seekers in Christ in ways that I’m not wired to do.

  1. What is OASIS’s involvement in the China trip?

J: They’re letting me go. OASIS serves Chinese as well, so me going is serving Chinese.

T: We couldn’t do this trip without OASIS. Josh and I will be meeting with students from all sorts of other ministries, not just HCC. Any believer in China we want to meet with and encourage and exhort in faith. They give us more connections in more cities.

  1. Who is going to get homesick first?

J: Both him and I don’t get homesick in a very general sense. We’re hard workers and independent. But I will go with myself because I’m a newlywed, and [Tim] is not.

T: Josh. Easy. Sarah actually.

  1. How many miles will you walk?

J: We won’t walk that much. Less than 50

T: Walk? 15.

  1. Who will fall asleep faster on the plane?

J: Tim uses that time to work. Will he get tired of work, or will I finally collapse out of exhaustion? I don’t know. That one is a tossup.

T: Josh. Guaranteed.

  1. How many Starbucks will Tim go to?

J: He will go to at least two per city. He will probably go to 15 different Starbucks but have it 30 times.

T: I would say 20. Not enough.

  1. What kind of cultural food will Josh try this year?

J: All of it. I’m excited about hot pot because hot pot in China is phenomenal. I really hope to have Taiwan’s food. I lived there for two years, and I know of a whole bunch of local places. They have a lot of street food and a lot of really good noodles where you choose your vegetable and meat, and they make it in a broth and give it back to you. It’s the best.

Pray for Josh and Tim while they are away, and email jdriver@hcchinese.org to be included in their China update email list! 

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