Evangelizing in Marriage – Dee and Cate’s Stories Continued

By Hannah Veldkamp – HCC Communications Coordinator

Dee and Cate (names concealed for safety) both encountered Christ in Minnesota, and every aspect of their lives was radically changed. HCC’s winter newsletter was packed with their stories of re-entry back to China. When discovering Christ, their professions changed, their outlook changed, their demeanor changed, and their families were changed.

Dee explained that the kindness of volunteers at Hospitality Center for Chinese baffled her, and she was intrigued. “You can see the full gospel in a Christian person,” she described. Witnessing the gospel in a Christian’s life was a motivator for her to discover the gospel herself.

Cate told a similar experience: “the gospel itself and the people drew me in.”

Their testimonies are a conviction and display of how Christians are to live. Words explain, but actions and changed lives are the evangelism that many need.

When Cate and Dee became Christians, they embodied the gospel themselves, and their lives became living, breathing evangelism. Their new lives speak to friends and acquaintances alike, but their ministries are extended to other unexpected individuals: their husbands.

Both Dee and Cate’s husbands were not Christians when Dee and Cate converted, and they are not Christians now, five years later.

Made Holy

1 Corinthians 7:14 says “an unbelieving husband is made holy because of his wife.” This verse takes a palpable form in both Dee and Cate’s marriages.

Cate’s husband, Jack, studied on the East Coast while Cate was being transformed in Minnesota, and they both welcomed the distance. Marital difficulties had become crippling, and they both desired the physical and emotional separation. However, as Cate entered deeper into Christ’s love, she realized she could not bring her anger towards Jack with her.

“I couldn’t make my husband change to get the relationship I wanted. I had to change…I couldn’t change by myself; I needed Jesus’s help to change” said Cate.

Drastic Differences

She invested time in her husband, and the two started to Skype every day. Jack was quick to notice a difference in their marriage when they were long distance and reunited. He even supported her decision to be water baptized because he personally experienced the impact Christ had on her life.

Dee walked through a very similar situation since her husband, Peter, was an engineer and had trouble believing the gospel through his logical, science-focused lens. However, he could not deny the ground-breaking shift in his wife’s life. Before Dee quit her job to be a volunteer teacher in an unground Christian school, Dee earned 4 times as much as Peter earned, an astronomical difference in income. This understandably led to Dee’s superior attitude towards her husband. However, after conversion, Dee’s attitude changed from superiority to unconditional evangelistic love, and Peter was amazed.

Because of the drastic difference in Dee, Peter completely supports raising their children as Christians and even attends the family church with Dee and the children. Even though Peter has still not officially accepted Christ, Dee is convinced that it will happen in God’s timing and that Peter “has a Christian heart.”

A true conversion to Christ reaps life changes. Both Dee and Cate discovered Christ through witnessing the spirit-filled lives of others. Both of them, in turn, transitioned to a life of evangelistic living themselves, even in the most difficult atmosphere: their homes and marriages.

Their marriages are evangelistic and transformative in nature, and God is active in the very love Dee and Cate offer their husbands because simply put, God is that love. Their marriages and families are deemed holy because of the gospel inside Dee and Cate’s hearts.

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