Venturing to Itasca with HCC

By Hannah Varberg - HCC Communications Coordinator HCC has facilitated 5 overnight trips so far this year. The most recent trip was to Itasca State Park, which I led with my husband, Micah and a dear volunteer, Bin Su. I’ve wanted to lead an overnight trip since I’ve started working at HCC a year ago.... Continue Reading →

9 Restaurants in the Twin Cities You Must Try!

By Hannah Varberg - Communications Coordinator  To partner with us in welcoming international students and their families to the Twin Cities, click here.  The population HCC serves and loves is new to the Twin Cities; most often, they’re even new to America! Apart from furniture, transportation, grocery stores, and classes, there’s another critically important piece... Continue Reading →

I’m Off to Fix Something

By Joann Pittman, HCC Board Member For the original version of this blog, go to ChinaSource's website!   When I was living in Beijing, I usually rode my bike to work. One Wednesday morning, the street in front of the school where my office was located was like a parking lot. A big bus and... Continue Reading →

Debunking the View of Self

By Jonathan Nesvig - HCC ReEntry Coordinator Liu Yang's book, East Meets West (中文名是:东西相遇), contains simple pictographs which show the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. While there are many similarities among humans from different cultures, there are also many differences: some obvious and some not so obvious. The feature picture is from Liu Yang's... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Dinners

By Hannah Varberg - HCC Communications Coordinator “The most important thing to remember is that we are passing on the faith. With that in your heart, you will find opportunity… even when serving food or driving a van.” These are the words of Ailin Lai. She and her husband, Pastor Yueta serve in the Taiwanese... Continue Reading →



Sharing Hospitality that Leaves a Legacy

By Sandy Gilbert - HCC Volunteer My family’s customs have always included big holiday dinners and family gatherings with good food, festive decorations, and lots and lots of presents. Over the years I have added to the customs by buying Christmas dishes, fancy platters, and 54 table cloths. We have sterling silver, crystal goblets, and beautiful... Continue Reading →

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